About Us


Millions of people across the country check jobmate reviews to find the best local service providers such as roof, plaster, handman, mechanic, doctor and dentist, and this is just a short list. We collect ratings and reviews on more than 650 services. People who join JobMets are just like you - real people looking for a way to find a trusted company that does high quality work.

"Ratings and Reviews"

Jobmates members submit more than 50,000 reviews every month about the companies they hire.

They include incredible details about how the project went (including cost), and grade the company's response time, price, professionalism and quality of work -- good or bad -- on an A to F scale.

Employee members of Jobmetes will tell you that any crew was aware of children and pets, cleaned up after themselves or fully equipped the job.

We kept it honesty

Jobmates relies on the experience of its members, and anonymously submitted reviews are not allowed. Of course member information is kept secret in JobMets, but reviews are made available to organizations that were reviewed.

Since each story always has two sides, the agencies can respond to the review and help ensure that members get all the information they need to make an appointment decision. Additionally, members can report a service experience once every six months against a company.

Finally, all reviews submitted by members go through a team of Jobmates staff who look for any irregularities or red flags.

Occasionally, we catch service companies with their own business reports. These agencies have been reprimanded and the reports will be removed from the list immediately and permanently.

What Jobmates members will receive:

  1. Full access to ratings & reviews.
  2. Real-live support through our award-winning call center.
  3. Access to our grievance resolution team, if you do not receive the expected quality of work from a service provider, let us know and we will work to resolve the situation on your behalf.
  4. Exclusive deals of highly rated service companies.

Power in numbers

With JobMates, you have the ability to quickly and easily tell thousands of JobMates members about your experience with an organization.

This is really great news for companies that do quality work - but not so much for companies that don't.

So when contractors know that you're an Jobmates member, we've found that you're more likely to get a quick call back, the crew shows up on time, and the job is done quickly.