Tired of mounting paperwork and finding it stressful to balance your books? Take the hassle free approach and get it done for just $49.99 per hour by our professional team of bookkeepers. We tailor our bookkeeper services to meet your needs. We will do the back end bookkeeping and make sure everything is under control with the ATO allowing you to focus on the operational side of your business. We can service part or all of your business needs for bookkeeping from the ground up, including all your taxation related needs. By allowing us to handle your dealings with the ATO, you can rest assured that everything will be accounted for.

Property, tax and superannuation are the three cornerstones that need to work together to build wealth and create options in life. Liberate specialises in all aspects of property and advice, and helps clients answer the following queries: Should I buy an investment property, and if so, what type of property? Am I better off putting money into superannuation or buying an investment property? We are purchasing a new property to live in, should we keep our current house as an investment property or sell and put the money against the mortgage? What are the tax benefits of buying a unit compared to a house? (Tip – land increases in value – buildings decrease in value.) How do I secure the ideal investment property?

Ward’s Tax & Accounting Services is a small and professional accounting firm with an office in Rosewood, West of Ipswich. Founded in 1997, we provide committed professional and personal tax advice. We have moved steadily up the ladder and today, offer services to individuals from various professions, businesses institutions and companies. We provide you with unbiased tax advice and keep your benefit uppermost in our mind. 
Ward’s Tax & AccountingServices follows the simple policy of watching over your financial affairs- that’s what our motto is and that’s what we do unfailingly for every one of our clients. 
We provide continuity and reliability at very affordable costs and offer services such as: Appointments- When you come in for a tax interview , it takes us no more than 30 minutes to complete your wages and your salary return. Our objective is that you receive a maximum refund. We scrutinize your lodgement with a fine-toothed comb. We are also available for telephone & email appointments.