Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get on the provider list?

Most companies are added to the list when a customer submits feedback about the quality of their work. At this point, we set up a profile for the business with reviews. If any of the organizations you use aren't on the list yet, add them by submitting a review so other members can find out about their work!

How to add your business?

An organization/company can set up a free profile so that their contact information appears on the list. These suppliers will not yet be rated by our members, so they are listed later as suppliers with reviews. Businesses can use their accounts to check their reviews and maintain the reputation of the Jobmates community. If you are a business owner and you want to appear on the list, try our premium package!

How to put Comments/review?

Online comments should focus on the topic discussed. Do not include personal information such as your home telephone number or address in your comments.

You are prohibited from requesting or posting information or reviews about specific service providers. Any such post will be removed. For more information about local service providers in your area, you can search in Jobmates. If you're ready to submit some feedback about a particular service provider, write a review!

Please be humble and respectful when addressing others. You strongly prohibited from posting comments that may be considered by Jobmates to be harassing, unlawful, hateful, harmful, abusive, libelous, obscene, threatening, profane, distasteful, offensive, vulgar, defamatory, Offensive or racially, ethnically or otherwise offensive to the privacy or ownership rights of others.

Additionally, sales pitches, additional promotions of your brand or organization and spam are prohibited. If any post violates this rule, it will be removed immediately.

Violation of this online comment policy may result in revocation of your future access to Jobmates online forums.

How do I cancel my Basic or Premium membership?

You can cancel your paid Basic or Premium membership at any time you want. Simply log in to your Jobmate account, go to the Manage My Account page and click Cancel Automatic Renewal. You can call us at +61 477 937 937 -Jobmates.

For your convenience, these memberships automatically renew at the end of the month. Your renewal fee maybe differ from another member’s renewal fee. At the end of the month, your subscriptions will continually renew automatically. The credit card or PayPal account you used will be billed on the last day of your subscription. Please note that additional attempts will be made, if a payment fails to process.

How do I know the Jobmates site is secure?

Jobmates take your security seriously and comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) to protect data and privacy both during and after transmission. This means we only use strong, industry-standard TLS encryption to create trusted channels for secure communication.

We further ensure that all website communications use HTTPS only through the deployment of HTTPS Strike Transport Security (HSTS), which does not allow any insecure communication with our websites. This helps keep your information private and reduces the susceptibility to certain attacks.

How do I contact the Angi support team?

To reach Jobmates service support, please email us at - or call +61 477 937 937